About Us

The emphasis at St Mary’s is on your child learning through play in a happy and stimulating environment.

We investigate various topics each term, depending on the interests of the children and any special events, such as Halloween, bonfire night, world book day, Christmas or Easter.  We have a letter and number of the day, which helps children learn about letter sounds and numbers in a fun way.  Children are encouraged to bring items relating to the letter or number for ‘show and tell’.

Our Day

The children all sit down together once parents have left, for register. This is followed by free play, both indoors and outdoors (weather and staffing permitting). An adult led craft/activity is on offer every session. Free-flow snack time is from around 9.30 – 11.00am, during which time children can choose when to have their snack and have a choice of fruits, vegetables and a carbohydrate, with milk or water to drink. They are then free to continue playing until 11.15am when, after a quick tidy up, they join up for circle time, a story and music or dancing or games.

Children staying all day have lunch at 11.45am, followed by a quiet time until the afternoon session starts at 12.30pm.

Afternoon sessions follow a similar pattern.  Sessions may include a trip out to the library or local park, staffing permitting.

Learning Journals

Children’s development is recorded in a secure on-line learning journal which parents access via a password protected app on their mobile phone or computer.  It enables us to update families on what their child is doing at pre-school, including photos and videos, and for parents to add observations of their own.  It builds into a lovely record of the child’s time with us, which parents can keep as a pdf file or print out as a hard copy.